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Baby friendly books

Updated: Apr 12, 2021

On this World Book Day I'd like to share a list of baby friendly books LO has enjoyed in her first year. The purpose of this list is to serve as a guide to help you select books for your little ones. We have a mix of books that we own and books that we borrow from the local library.

In the baby's first year, I'd recommend board books, indestrucibles and cloth books, preferably in that order. Cloth books can be tricky for babies to flip the pages unlike board books. Also the categories mentioned below are not mutually exclusive; the books can often belong to more than 1 category.

High contrast books:

These types of books are for the earliest readers whose vision is still developing.

Books with few words:

Typically these books have 1 or very few words in a page.

Books with simple storyline:

Touch and feel board books:

These type of books include texture books, die cut books.

The purpose of introducing die-cut books by Xavier Deneux is mainly to provide opportunities to the child to explore / feel the die cuts.

Interactive board books:

These type of books include finger puppet books, lift the flap books, pop up books, books with peepholes, mirror sheet.

Other baby friendly books - Cloth books, Indestructibles

These books are chew proof, rip proof and washable too!

While our books are predominantly board books, we try to incorporate elements such as rhymes, seasons, diversity, faith, native language.

Rhyming books:

Bedtime books

Although we read a variety of books during bedtime, these are exclusive bedtime reads.

Books on seasons:

Books that embrace diversity:

Books on culture:

Tamil books:

The purpose of reading to your baby is to enjoy those bonding moments, to allow the baby to explore the books (this is why baby friendly books are important) and to foster a fun and positive experience. That's how the love for books and reading begin to develop. ❤

Disclaimer: I am an affiliate of and for some of the books listed above, I will earn a commission if you click through and make a purchase, at no additional cost to you.

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