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Introducing art to babies and toddlers

Art has been a part of LO's environment from day 1 where low-hanging picture frames were available at her eye-level to admire and appreciate the beauty of art. I've gradually introduced various age appropriate medium and materials for her explore.

Please remember that when it comes to artwork for young children, it's all about the process rather than a finished product with perfect strokes. These children may do only a few strokes and that's totally okay.

Here are some of our favorite art supplies from 6m+ (no afflinks).

  • This is a reusable paint-with-water book featuring 6 simple illustrations by Erin Jang.

  • Introduces one color per page.

  • Perfect for bath time for babies and toddlers as well.

  • Mess-free and reusable water-reveal coloring pad by Melissa & Doug.

  • Comes with a chunky refillable water pen that is easy for toddlers to hold.

  • Also available in multiple themes - on the farm, under the sea,

  • Palm-grip crayons or egg crayons are easy for young children to hold and draw their first strokes.

  • These chunky crayons are made of non-toxic materials and are washable with soap and water.

  • Jumbo size non-toxic chalk set that comes in 7 pastel shades and white color.

  • Great for chalk board or sidewalk.

  • Comes with a sturdy storage as well which makes it easy to carry.

  • As the name implies, these markers are meant to create art through colorful dots.

  • The bottle grip design of these dot markers works great for the little hands.

  • The markers come with liquid ink which allows color mixing and is washable.

  • The 6 large stamps and 3 ink pads in My First Stamp Collection are very toddler-friendly and helps with the development of fine motor skills.

  • The kit also has chunky crayons and an activity book which might be useful to older toddlers.

  • Height adjustable art easel by Hape Toys that has magnetic whiteboard on one side and erasable chalkboard on the other.

  • Also comes with 3 paint pots and holders.

  • There's also drawing paper roll available on the top

It's not mandatory to introduce all the materials. Some children may prefer one to the other and as always, follow the child. Also all art activities require the presence of a prepared adult.

Do you spy any of your toddler's favorites? Or something that you don't see on this list? I'd love to hear.

You can also join the conversation on the Instagram post.

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