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Let's talk about race to our children

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

I wanted to express how appalling it is to see the recent Asian hate crimes in Atlanta. My heart goes out to the victims and families affected by this incident.

As an Asian immigrant family, we’ve experienced racism at numerous instances, as recent as last week at the grocery store! Racism is not limited to physical abuse; verbal comments which offends one’s origin, subtle insults known as racial microaggressions are forms of racism too. The solution is not staying silent, but talking about it.

And it is never too early to talk about race with our children. Here's what research shows about race and young children.

And here's another research article - Children are not colorblind: How young children learn race

When a baby can differentiate skin color and hair textures as early as 3 months, when do you think is the time to expose race to them?

When a toddler begins to question about the differences in skin color, when do you think is the time to talk about the racial differences to them?

Children are observing and absorbing from the world around them. What they see, hear at home and their environment matters and is indicative of the development of their racial attitudes.

Anti-racism begins at home.

What can we do?

❤Reflect on our own upbringing, fears, internal biases, perceptions and racial blind spots and continue to learn for our growth mindset.

❤Be open to talk about race with children and don’t shush them.

❤Diversify the environment you interact with. When it is not possible to see diversity in the community they live, how about talking about race through books, arts, music?

❤Choose books for children that are mirrors where we see ourselves and windows to learn about those different from us.

❤Shelfies alone are not Montessori, our respectful way of raising responsible children who are race-conscious is too. Maria Montessori lived through 2 horrendous World Wars and she saw that the education of the child by understanding and supporting them is the key to peace in the world.

Useful resources:

There couldn't be any simple and powerful message than this by Danielle Coke @ohhappydani.

Our children are the hope for a better and peaceful future. Let’s raise a generation of compassionate, responsible and whole human beings.

Standing in solidarity with the AAPI communities.❤

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