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Montessori Materials Guide - From Birth To One

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

As LO turns one this month, I wanted to put together all the Montessori materials which we've used from birth through LO's first year. Whether you're an expectant parent or a parent new to Montessori philosophy, please note that you don't need to buy all the materials for your child to be a Montessori parent. The purpose of this list (no affiliate links) is to serve as a guide for developmentally appropriate materials for your little ones. The prepared adult is more important than any of the materials for a baby.

Also, the below timeline is that of LO's and it need not necessarily align with your child's. When introducing materials to your child, please follow their developmental needs. Also most of the materials except for the visual mobiles, were used throughout LO's first year through toy rotation and not necessarily only during the mentioned timeframe. For example, the egg shakers which we introduced around 0 - 3 months for auditory development, were used by LO by shaking them for rhythm and music later.

0 - 3 months

Materials with focus on aiding visual development, auditory development, tummy time

4 - 6 months

Materials with focus on facilitating tactile experiences, grasping, teething, gross motor movement including rolling over, crawling, sitting up

7 - 9 months

Materials with focus on grasping, hand-eye coordination, object permanence, music, gross motor movement including pulling up, standing, cruising

10 - 12 months

Materials with focus on stacking, object permanence, music, gross motor movement including walking


For those materials which are no longer available in the storefront where I've purchased from, I've provided the links to comparable products in the same / different storefronts.

Hope you find this guide helpful. Please remember that these materials on LO's shelf is a very small part of our day and is not the only part of our day. ❤

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