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Month 7 Shelfie

Music has been a part of LO’s life right from the womb and I sang to her as I held her in the delivery room. Regardless of the voice, if there’s one individual who loves to hear you sing in the whole world, that would be your child. 😊

September is Classical Music Month and we’re celebrating it through our music-themed shelfie. This shelf has been an engaging one since we’ve set it up with a combination of items readily available at home and repurposing some of LO’s older toys, with the exception of the wooden drum which is the newest addition to the shelf. Needless to say, LO loves to drum it! Not all the below instruments are classical instruments; the purpose of this shelf is to celebrate the spirit of music.

Top (Left to right):

  • Mini hanging bell

  • Happy birthday music box (I got this from Papyrus years back. I've linked an available item from another storefront though.)

  • Mini hand bell

Bottom (Left to right):


Play this book by Jessica Young

Repurposing old toys:

We brought back a couple of her favorite rattles - the castanet and the maraca. Castanet / clacker is a popular Spanish percussion instrument and maraca is another simple percussion instrument used in Latin and Caribbean music.

We repurposed the Christmas bell ornament from her tactile mobile – the bell on a ribbon.

Items readily available at home:

Ever since I introduced the stainless steel pitcher as a treasure basket for Krishna Jayanthi, LO was particularly amused when she flipped it over and discovered the sound when she tapped it. More than the treasure basket, she loved this other side of the pitcher. 😊 Since then this pitcher has occupied a place in our shelf almost like the ancient Indian percussion instrument, ghatam.

The hanging bell, music box and hand bell were gifts/souvenirs which we had at home.

Newer addition:

Since LO loved tapping the pitcher, we bought the wooden drum to give her additional opportunities for her need to tap.

Play this book is an interactive picture book which invites young readers to play each instrument for a music show. It complements some of the instruments on the shelf and I’m so thrilled about this timely library find.

Helpful pointers:

  • When LO’s using the smaller items, I am always around.

  • The drum is meant for slightly older kids and came with a drumstick which has a rubber head. Since LO mouths a lot, to prevent any choking hazard, I’ve kept it away in our storage.

  • The music box needs the help of an adult to wind up. LO loves to open and close the music box as the music plays and stops depending on her action; a great way to learn about cause and effect.

  • We try to pair an instrument for rhythm as we sing songs / rhymes.

  • While I don't expect rhythm as LO plays each of these items, these are certainly opportunities for her practice a variety of motor skills.

What are your little one’s favorite musical instruments?

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