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Month 8 Shelfie

We’ve incorporated a lot of Fall elements to the shelf, while keeping in mind the developmental needs of LO. From the bright Fall-themed colors to frisky squirrel, pumpkin to Fall leaves, there’s a touch of Fall in every material. We’ve a mix of new toys, put some toys in storage and brought back toys introduced in the past, and a few simple DIYs.

LO has been enjoying the DIY rattles which allows her to see the seeds (pumpkin seeds in one and yellow lentils in another) through the glass jars.


  • Fall leaves collected from our leaf hunt

  • Canvas painting by LO’s grandma

  • Fall animals art prints by Wallmur

Top (Left to right)

Bottom (Left to right)

As always, I’m around when LO’s working with these materials. View our shelfie post on Instagram.

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