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To buy or not?

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

I don't buy every single Montessori material, just because I can afford it.

I'm not someone who does impulsive buys.

And I'm not a minimalist either.

However, I do make conscious buying decisions not just for Montessori materials, but for every single purchase that I do.

Here's my framework and a list of questions that I ask myself before buying a material, Montessori or not.


  • What is the purpose of the material that I'm buying?

  • Can the purpose be achieved with existing materials at home?

  • What's missing in the existing material(s)?


  • Is the material absolutely necessary?

  • Is it useful?

  • What if I buy?

  • What if I don't buy?


  • Is it worth the price I'm paying for?

  • Are there inexpensive options?

  • Inexpensive options include but not limited to thrift stores, coupons, looking out for pre-loved materials, price drops during sale periods


  • Can I DIY?

  • Is the DIY safe to be used?

  • Do I have time to make one?

  • Is it worth spending the time and effort in the DIY?

  • Can it withstand the wear-and-tear for a considerable period?


  • Where do I put this material?

  • Is there a place for this material at home for current use and for storage when not in use?


  • What is the longevity of the material?

  • How can I upcycle/ repurpose it?


  • Does it align with my values/ guiding beliefs?

  • Does it fit our family lifestyle?

  • Will I find joy in using the material?

  • Will it add beauty to my environment?

  • Does it cause any harm to others and the environment?

Do you ask yourself such questions too?

Any questions from the list that you ask yourself?

Any questions that you don't see in the list?

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