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When I started to look out for Tamil books to read to my little one, I saw a plethora of good English books, but not as much in Tamil. So I pondered why not I translate the English books out there myself. That's when I stumbled upon StoryWeaver, an open-sourced platform for translating books by Pratham Books. It was my Eureka moment and their mission to see a book in every child's hand resonated so deeply with me. Since then I've been a volunteer translator of children's books from English to Tamil. It gives me immense joy as I translate every book since I can reach young Tamil readers around the world, in addition to mine, by making one more book accessible in Tamil.

This space has my free English to Tamil translated books which are organized by children's reading level. 

  • Level 1 - Easy words, word repetition, less than 250 words

  • Level 2 - Simple concepts, up to 600 words

  • Level 3 - Longer sentences, up to 1500 words

I've been working on translating more books, so do come back to find more!

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

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